TWB Designs Ammunition Disposal Technology to be Marketed by US Firm - Nov. 2011

TWB Designs is excited to announce a new partnership with North Loudoun Corporation concerning our patented and environmentally effective ammunition disposal and demilitarization technology. North Loudoun will be responsible for representing this ground-breaking technology in the U.S. and Denmark.

As the President of TWB Designs, I’m eager to move forward with operations. A leader in trade, technology, telecommunications and business consulting, North Loudoun is known for being very particular about the companies they represent. I think it speaks volumes that they have signed on to promote our product, and we are excited to begin building stronger relations with our international client base

North Loudoun will focus specifically on TWB’s Mobile Ammunition Combustion System, or eMACs for short. This innovative product streamlines the ammunition disposal process, providing a safe and efficient demilitarization process. During operation, the eMACs system burns any decommissioned ammunition. This process melts and separates the remaining lead from the brass so that it can then be extracted and recycled. The eMACs system enables customers to recover nearly 97% of recyclable materials during ammunition disposal.

Our eMACs are military-spec and meet the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NATO, and European Union standards for environmental air handling thanks to a HEPA filtration system and other proprietary air filtering technologies. Since the units are mobile, they can easily be taken directly to a disposal site, eliminating the need to transport dangerous munitions.

TWB’s ammunition disposal units have been used by numerous Canadian law enforcement agencies, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Ammunition manufacturers throughout the U.S. also rely on TWB’s patented disposal system, as do organizations in southwest Asia and along the Arabian Gulf.

The eMACs ammunition disposal system is ideally suited for the disposal of confiscated or expired ammunition. For full product specifications, please visit our website at Technical and sales questions can be directed to myself, Tom Braithwaite, at 1-905-977-9899. Ernest Troth, President of North Loudoun, can be reached for comment at 1-877-313-5292 (U.S., Canada) or by email at

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